JS50 Basic Shepherding (For individuals considering raising sheep)

with Dr. Kate Hussman assisted by Peter Austin

This workshop is a must for those aspiring to raise sheep. Dr. Kate Hussman, recently retired from her large animal practice in Louisa, Virginia, will cover basics starting with choosing the right breed and setting up adequate infrastructure. She will move on to basic sheep health, common maintenance issues, nutrition, breeding & lambing, parasite control, medications, and preventative care. These seminars are often as good as the questions asked so there should be ample time to have your inquiries discussed. Peter Austin will inject his perspectives from over 30 years of raising and selling lambs without ever wishing for a desk job.

Note: Although the afternoon section will be slightly different than the morning, it is advised that individuals should only sign up for one section.

Time and Cost

Friday May 2, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the  Show Ring with Dr. Kate Hussman assisted by Peter Austin

Event Cost: $30.00


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