Lamb Carcass & Performance Contest


The purpose of the lamb carcass and performance contest is to recognize producers of superior lambs; to allow producers to compare their lambs with other breeds and producers; to provide producers with carcass data to make breeding and selection decisions; to demonstrate the use of real time ultrasound technology to determine carcass characteristics of live lambs; and to educate producers and the public about lamb production.


Contest lambs will be scanned using realtime ultrasound to estimate carcass characteristics. Results will be sent to contestants after ultrasound data is evaluated by a professional lab.

The formula to calculate Percent Boneless Closely Trimmed Retail Cuts (%BCTRC) is: 49.936 (0.0848 x carcass weight) - (4.376 x back fat) - (3.53 x estimated body wall thickness) + (2.456 x ribeye area).

The formula to calculate Lean Gain Per Day on Feed is: (carcass weight x %BCTRC) / days of age.


  1. Ewe, wether, and ram lambs of any breed or crossbreed are eligible to compete, including potential young sires and wool breeds.
  2. Lambs must weigh a minimum of 80 lbs. There is no maximum weight.
  3. Lambs cannot be entered in more than one show.
  4. Lambs must be less than 1 year of age and have all their lamb teeth present.
  5. Exhibitors will be limited to 2 entries.
  6. All lambs must have approved interstate or Maryland health papers.
  7. Lambs must be completely slick shorn within 5 days of the show.
  8. Exhibitors must be present for weighing and scanning.
  9. Lambs will be released after scanning.
  10. Any lamb not meeting the minimum 0.10 back fat requirement will receive the white award regardless of %BCTRC and will not be eligible for special awards.


1st - $40

2nd - $30

3rd - $20

Time and Cost

Saturday May 3, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the  Barn 7-8

Event Cost: $10.00

Entry Form

Entry deadline: April 19, 2014

Chair - Barbara Mullen

Co-Chair - Graham Robertson

Scanner - Jim Pritchard, West Virginia


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North American Wensleydale Sheep Association