How do we do this? Practical and Hands-on Sheep Keeping

with Peter Austin

Our own MSBA member, Peter Austin, will share his vast experience in this hands-on class for beginning shepherds and people who are thinking about raising sheep. You will learn how to handle, flip and immobilize sheep, trim hooves, check teeth to determine age when you are buying an animal, take your sheep’s temperature, give medication, treat prolapse, important equipment you have to have on your farm, how to keep easy and informative records and what to do when a sheep becomes sick or dies.

Born in the mid-20th century Peter grew up on a small beef farm in Montgomery County MD where he still resides. Peter was a world traveler having lived in France, New England, and Colorado but began his present tenure back in Maryland in 1975. He converted the family farm to a sheep enterprise and divides his energies between lamb sales and blacksmithing. Peter is thankfully married with 2 mostly grown daughters.

Time and Cost

Saturday May 3, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the  Dining Hall with Peter Austin

Free; no registration required.


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