The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival regulations are listed below.

General Regulations

All persons enter at their own risk.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision of all minors.

Pets are not allowed at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and they will be denied entry to the Festival grounds. The only dogs that will be allowed are certified service dogs and those dogs participating in the working sheepdog demonstrations. Please leave your pets at home.

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is not responsible for lost articles.

No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances allowed

No illegal or unlawful activity allowed

No unauthorized demonstrations

No soliciting

Visitors may not distribute printed material/flyers/advertisements, etc.

No personal announcements will be made by the volunteers at the Information Tent. As visitors arrive, they should make plans to rendezvous with the people in their group.

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival reserves the right to exclude from the Fairgrounds any person (exhibitor, spectator, vendor) who is in any manner disruptive or who exhibits inappropriate behavior that would disturb the public. The Festival may delegate such authority to impose any such sanction to its designated security officers. Said sanction shall also include the right to temporarily or permanently ban participation in future events.



Animal Health Regulations

Important! Attention all exhibitors and vendors bringing animals to the Festival. This includes sheep, goats, camelids, and rabbits regardless of state of origin. The festival requires that you have these two documents when you arrive:

  1. A current year's Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or a current (within 30 days) interstate health certificate issued by the state of origin for out-of-state animals.
  2. A “Livestock Exhibitor’s Self Certification of Animal Health” must be filled out by the owner/caretaker prior to loading and must be presented upon request to the designated Festival or MDA Animal Health Official. This form can be found either on the reverse side of the MDA Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or on the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Fair and Show Livestock Exhibition page or call them at (800) 492-5590.

NEW FOR 2014:

New Federal and State Animal Identification requirements are being implemented this season.

All animals except rabbits must have “Official Identification” to enter exhibitions. In most cases, this means the animal will have to be identified using an official USDA or MD tag that is associated with a registered premise. All sheep and goats must be officially scrapie-identified. Official identification for sheep and goats include the following:

  1. USDA-approved eartags;

  2. Legible registration tattoos, for which the registration paper shall accompany the animals; or

  3. Legible tattoos consisting of an individual animal number unique within the flock in one ear and the official scrapie premise identification number (flock ID) in the other ear, except that the tail web or flank may be used for earless animals or animals with damaged ears and must be accompanied by an owner statement.

CVIs must be submitted by veterinarians to the Maryland Department of Agriculture within 5 working days of inspection.

Official identification tags may be requested from the Maryland Department of Agriculture by calling 410-841-5810 or emailing

To receive official sheep and goat ear tags or devices for interstate movement: Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your local Veterinary Services Area Office and request that a premises identification number and Flock ID be assigned to your flock.

Animals failing to meet health requirements will be denied entry or be removed from the festival. Questions regarding animal health requirements for Maryland Fairs and Shows should be directed to:

MDA Animal Health Program Headquarters:
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401
Office(410) 841-5810

Animal Sales Regulations

All animals sold at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival that are going out of state are required to have a current Interstate Health Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued by an approved Maryland veterinarian.


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