Special Events 2013

Special Event: Peruvian Indigenous Weavers from Lake Titicaca Region (Puno)
In the Special Exhibit Tent next to the 4-H Building

Peruvian WeaversApproximately 40 kilometers from Lake Titicaca is another smaller, but pristine lake called, Siustani. Along its shores are dozens of indig­enous villages where hundreds of women knit and weave beautiful caps, gloves, scarves, mats, tablecloths and blankets from naturally dyed yarns of alpaca and wool. For many of the women the sale of their crafts is their only source of income. The women in each vil­lage are organized into a artisan club which in turn is a member of an area-wide craft cooperative. With the help of a regional NGO called, IDRA, the cooperative sells its woven goods in markets in the Peru­vian tourist cities of Puno and Cusco. From their first shipments of a few dozen caps and scarves in 2006, the women now send hundreds of lovely caps, called Chuyos (pronounced chew-yoos) and other knit­wear to the markets each month. Appreciation for the style, color and quality of their work has spread internationally and resulted in invita­tions to display their products in the Smithsonian Institution and the Inter-American Foundation.

Special Event: Ongoing Fiber Arts Demonstrations
In the Rabbit Building

You are invited to visit the Rabbit Building any time during
festival hours for free demonstrations of many fiber arts. Subjects will include, but may not be limited to, the following:

You are also invited to stop in and join us in demonstrating your favorite fiber art.


Photo for Sheepman Supply
Sheepman Supply


Photo for Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival
Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival


Photo for Signature Needle Arts
Signature Needle Arts


Photo for Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival
Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival