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The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a very competitive, juried show. Typically there are less than 10 openings and over 80 applicants. Because of the focus of our Festival, vendors primarily have a sheep or wool focus. Here are some guidelines to help us better review your entry:

Demonstrate why you are unique. Please send good quality photographs that highlight your products. Photocopies tend not to be crisp enough to demonstrate details that may set your booth apart from the other applicants. Photos help us learn what you offer in comparison with other existing and perspective vendors. Please do not send slides or CDs with photos, it is difficult for us to review those as a committee. You may refer us to your website, but please include photos as well; there is not always an internet connection available when applications are reviewed. Please let us know if you are Maryland based, if your products are handmade, hand dyed, or hand spun. If the texture or feel of your products are important to communicate, consider sending samples. They can be returned to you if you supply postage.

For example: if we are evaluating 30 vendors with yarn and only have space to accept three, what makes your yarn different or better than the others? Why should we select your products? Can we evaluate this just from looking at a photo? What sets you apart?

Demonstrate how your vendor booth might appear. If you have photographs of your booth at other events, or can describe the variety of products you might carry, it can be helpful in creating a fuller picture of what you offer as a vendor.

Demonstrate the variety of products you would offer for sale. Do you sell primarily yarn, roving, sheep supplies, patterns, finished products, dyeing materials, books, etc. Let us know the breadth of what you would bring. It’s good to find a balance, not too narrow, not too broad.

Demonstrate how your products are related to Sheep and Wool. While we do offer a few spaces for vendors with products not linked to sheep or fiber, it does remain our primary focus. If you are unsure if your booth would fit, please come to a Festival to get a feel for what we offer.

Try, try, again. Sometimes there are more or fewer applicants in the same genre, or a varying number of spaces available in a given year. Please remember, even if you were not accepted this year as a vendor, an advertisement in our catalog or on our website can give your business exposure to the festival attendees.

Please note: There is high demand for inside spaces. As a result, the Majority of our available spaces are currently outside, with just a few available inside.


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